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Are you frustrated at not having access to professional, experienced, decision-making freight professionals without having to turnover MILLIONS of Rands with your Freight Forwarding Agent or Customs Broker?

Your cargo is important to you – it may even be the lifeblood of your business – and you want to know that your goods are in expert hands. You want access to seasoned freight professionals who understand your concerns, and are able to advise you with clear and precise instructions to get your cargo from origin to destination!

    • You want to know when the airfreight option is more appropriate than the seafreight option.
    • You want to know that the complex customs process will be navigated with ease and speed on your behalf.
    • You want to know what all those commercial payment terms mean and how the banks will impact ON your trading.
    • You want to know who does what, when and how!
    • Above all, you want accountability!

That is EXACTLY what you get when you deal with Freightwell!

As a member of SAAFF (South African Association of Freight Forwarders) and a long standing member of the JCCI (Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry) you may rest assured that we conform to an industry code of conduct to protect you, the customer.

Freightwell has assisted clients to successfully navigate the changing shipping, airfreight and regulatory landscape through 35 years since our establishment in 1982 and we can do the same for you!

Single Point of Contact.

Time is money and wasted time is money lost, and a cause of major frustration!

At Freightwell you get to speak to your account executive – each time – and the buck stops with them!

No more shifting from pillar to post and from department to department to get an answer to your questions!

International air and seafreight – appropriate service, appropriate price.

Trading with foreign companies involves complex freighting calculations, differing languages, cultural differences and procedures – you want this process made as simple as possible. All you want to know is how will my cargo move, when will it get here and what will it cost me?

You want to be empowered and to know when higher freight costs are justified in return for quicker turnover and reduced inventory costs.

You want to speak with freight forwarding experts who see the bigger picture – Freightwell’s staff does!

Our established worldwide partner network will help smooth the way for you and your shipments with their knowledge of local conditions, language and customs.

Customs Compliance made simple.

Falling foul of the Customs regulations can be costly and a massive waste of your time. You want to know that your agent has many years of experience dealing with and solving your customs clearance challenges.

Prompt clearance, correct tariff and speedy resolution of queries means money saved and hassle avoided!

Focus on your core business – your clients – and let Freightwell take care of your total freighting requirements.

Poor advice is costly.

Having poor advice leads to poor decision making which leads to unnecessary time wasting and higher costs – you want good advice, from a decision maker with experience, without having to turn over R 10 Million and more a month!

Freightwell hears you – and will advise you in the best manner possible – even if we think it’s not what you want to hear!

On time, on budget but no profit?

Ever experienced that sinking feeling when you sold your consignment to your customer only to have your entire profit “wiped-out” by unforeseen costs like storage and demurrage charges you never even knew existed?

We know your pain – you work darned hard for your money and go to the ends of the earth to meet and exceed your clients needs – only to find that IT was all for naught!

Freightwell is the first to acknowledge that sometimes things go wrong – because sometimes in life things go wrong – but we are also well aware that many additional costs are incurred as a direct result of a lack of interest or a full understanding of the repercussions of incomplete documentation or late submissions to customs and carriers.

With Freightwell we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that your bill is never lumped with unbudgeted or extraneous charges without clear reasons.

So, with Freightwell you get:

  • Experienced staff.
  • Access to decision makers.
  • Clear communication channels.
  • Great service.

Place your international freight needs in the hands of tried and trusted, decision-making, experienced International Freight Forwarders.

It’s easy!

Call Freightwell today to discuss your requirements – we are only 10 simple digits away – call now!

011 568 8061 – Ask for Karin or Felicia.
EMAIL: info (@) freightwell (dot) co (dot) za

Remember: We speak the lingo, so you don’t have to!